The Second Coming of America


North Korea launches another one.   America, the new Israel of God’s prophetic purpose, is blasted to kingdom come.    The only things that are left are two abortion clinics, the Mormon Tabernacle, and a motley crew of Believers who without seminary training speak God’s truth before governors, senators, and the […]



About four decades ago, I participated in the “I Found it” campaign.  The campaign was organized by Campus Crusade and volunteers called about 85% of all Americans.  One night I called the local bishop of the Catholic Church.  I asked, “Have you been born again?”  He replied, “there must be […]

Born this Way


“Protestants say we’re saved by faith while Catholics say we’re saved by good works.  But what does Scripture say?  The Bible is clear – it’s neither.    And it’s both.   At the very same time.”  Marcellino D’ambrosio I don’t think I was born with a Reformation sized hole in my soul.    […]

Vinegar and Water


As the meaning of the first amendment narrows,  we need brave prophets like Isaiah who don’t mind being pummeled by God’s opponents (cf. Isaiah 50:4-9).    God’s promise of  Psalm 23, doesn’t take place on your couch as you watch Netflix but “in the presence of your enemies”. “You prepare […]

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