The Baptist, Jesus and Me


John the Baptist was the original tea totaller (not really-he was part of a sect/party that practiced prohibition as a lifestyle, viz. the Nazrenes). Jesus loved to party. Consider the nature of Jesus’ first miracle (cf John 2). For Jesus, evangelism was eating, drinking and preaching to the spiritual lower […]

Cross Walking


Finio Roher, of the BBC, writes of the slow death of  “walking.”   Roher reminds us that Charles Dickens,  William Wordsworth,  and Virginia Wolf were famous for their long walks.   Bruce Feiler, discovered fame by “Walking the Bible.” Before Jesus walked up and down Palestine (cf. The Miles Jesus Walked), the […]

Zero Odds


What are the odds? Will be involved in a drunk-driving accident sometime in your life: 2 out of 3 Get married at least once by the age of 30: 11 out of 20 Will have a marriage ends in divorce: almost 1 in 2 Can get away with murder: almost […]

Wearing God’s Clothes


In my experience, Paul’s frequent admonition, “Become What You Are” is one of the most maddening principles in the Christian life. It’s the age-old struggle between works and grace  (aka the push-pull of life).  On the one hand, we are to “let go and let God”(cf. Colossians 3: “Let the […]

Job the Theologian


God cross exams Job (cf. Job 38-40).  It’s remarkable in many ways but can you imagine if Job was member of a progressive theological seminary?    Here’s how it might go. The LORD addressed Job the Theologian out of the storm and said: “Have you ever in your lifetime commanded the […]

Seeing the Invisible


Why do so many Americans claim “none” as their religious affiliation?    The “nones” believe in the hidden hand of the free market, the unwritten constitution but do not embrace the invisible God who makes visible.   (i.e. the gods of America have better press corp than the spokesmen for the […]

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