Learning How to Watch

In the Old Testament, we waited for the coming of the Messiah.  In the New Testament, we watch for the return landing of our Lord. The Psalms and the prophets urged us to wait while the Gospels command us to watch.  Biblical watching is a learned activity filled with grace that is about as rare as white peacocks or bismuth crystals. Isaiah writes, [...]

I Could Only Imagine

Most of us who were raised Protestants recognize the huge gap between Jesus and our local Church.  It's a spirtualized version of the YMCA. That's one of the reasons there are 30,000 denominations. Whether we recognize it or not, we are desperately seeking the same encounter that Andrew had with Jesus.  Pure with no alloys.  [...]

The Second Coming of America

North Korea launches another one.   America, the new Israel of God's prophetic purpose, is blasted to kingdom come.    The only things that are left are two abortion clinics, the Mormon Tabernacle, and a motley crew of Believers who without seminary training speak God's truth before governors, senators, and the President saying: MENE, God has [...]