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Ten Miraculous Signs

TODAY’S READINGS The readings (August 8) point out ten miracles for today:  Divine Order.   Unlike the American dream, there are…

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Complaining vs. Contentment

The definition of complaining is “to express dissatisfaction, resentment or grief or to find fault.” (Dictionary.com) The children of Israel…

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Eating Flesh

Today’s Reading When Moses heard the people, family after family,  crying at the entrance of their tents,so that the LORD…

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The Lord is King.

What would it be like to be an observer in the court of the king?  Daniel describes a throne with…

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Please God, Interupt Us!

“Make Europe One Again” by Gerald Rusello “Stop Assisted-Suicide Opiod Abuse” by Wesley Smith “Learning from Charlie Gard”  by  Charles…

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About Journey2Faith

Today’s reading:  Matthew 17 Karen is amazing.  I know her well.   I’ve been married to her for over 30 years….

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First Grade Apologist

God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens.  The late, great village atheist, made a living mocking Christianity.  While I don’t…

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The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure

Jesus uses the word picture of looking for something valuable to show how we must look for the kingdom of…