A Church without Dads


The local family is the church in miniature. Jesus prays that we might be perfected by unity. We are unified because there is a certain God-given order. In the Old Testament and in the New Testament, dad’s serve as the priest or pastor of the family unity. A family without […]

When’s Pay Day?


Because work is crucial to our salvation,  Labor Day (a.k.a  Bringing home the bacon) is one important holiday.   We remember God’s faithful grace allowing us to feel his presence in work. In work,  God showcases our gifts and talents.  In work we learn selflessness, duty and faithfulness so that at […]

The Flip Side of Love


Ranker lists the top things Americans love to hate:  Websites that require you to sign up to use  When your personal space is violated  Passwords  Labels that are impossible to understand  When your utensils fall into your food If those are the things I hate, I must live in the […]



Matthew 25:1-13 “These five and five virgins are all Christian souls together. But that I may tell you what by the Lord’s inspiration I think, it is not souls of every sort, but such souls as having the Catholic faith, and seem to have good works in the Church of […]

The Cure


  There is a cure for the deep roots of the Pharisees.    In Luke 11:41, Jesus reminds us: “Did not the maker of the outside also make the inside?  But as to what is within, give alms, and behold, everything will be clean for you”  (cf Luke 11:41) Not […]

Is Mike Pence a Pharisee?


Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg refers to Vice President Pence as a pharisee. Pope Francis labels the conservative wing of the Catholic Church as Pharisees. My personal favorite is the American press (a.k.a.  “the blind leading the blind” cf. Matthew 15:14).  If there ever was a group of ‘whitewashed tombs’, it’s […]

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