Going to Church

Karen Epp

  We lived in the desert for about 100 days before we heard the sound of rain.  The Verde Valley of Arizona is made up of snow birds.  Arizona residents during the winter returning home during the Summer.  After my first Summer, I wanted to return North with them.     Church […]

Government Work

Karen Epp

  Matthew Levi 34 Dusty Avenue Capernaum Galilee (011) 972-2-6707211 M_Levi@rome.gov Job Objective: A highly competent Revenue Collector where outstanding bottom-line personality with complete devotion to Caesar. Highlights of Qualifications: Valuable experience in collection of revenue for government industry Sound knowledge of Roman tax collection laws, regulations and policies Profound knowledge of […]

The Family of God

Karen Epp

All of us want a home.  God made us with that sense of needing to belonging to a family.  Sometimes our lives take us away from our families-our military who are fighting all over the world, missionaries who go to foreign countries or job transfers that take us away from […]

God Move an Army

Karen Epp

God Move An Army No one likes to be taunted and no one wants someone to taunt them about their God.  II Kings 19 tells the story of Sennacherib the king of Assyria.  He sends a message to Hezekiah, king of Judah that “you can’t depend on your God.  Don’t […]

The Lord Knows

Karen Epp

Ahab and Jezebel went on with life like nothing had happened but the Lord knew.  The Lord sends the prophet Elijah to King Ahab after the death of Naboth.  He tells Elijah he will find Ahab in Naboth’s vineyard.  When the two men met, there was no small talk, no […]

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