journey (jour·​ney) to faith /fāTH/

An act of traveling from one place to another.

A long and often difficult process of personal change and development.

The process of completely submitting our intellect and will to God.


Even though we approach our faith differently, we are on the same journey.  Karen taught school and even homeschooled both kids.  She now works in the medical field.  Brad’s done everything from radio to retail.

What do we believe?  In short, we believe the Nicene Creed. God’s word makes us stable and fruitful (cf. Psalm 1).  The word of God is alive and powerful and completely true (cf. Hebrew 4:12; II Tim 3:16).    Receiving God’s life is the point of life.   If we have an end game, like Paul its eternal life (cf. Romans 6).

However, the word of God is not the only thing that is alive and powerful.  The cloud of witnesses shows us eternal life.    Asking for the prayers of Joseph, Mary and all of Jesus’ right-hand men and women is as natural as asking a family to pass the carton of milk.  We are surrounded by family, right (cf. Hebrews 13)?

God changes us into Saints in the here and now as He turns bread and wine into His body and blood. 

As John 15 states, we literally obtain a transfusion of Holiness into our being as we drink of the vine.  Because of His overflowing grace, people, places, and things become sources of His grace.   The use of spiritual gifts and the fruit of the Spirit go hand in hand.  God’s purpose for us is to create the kingdom of God in our zip code.

The Church has more pull than Jerusalem had for the displaced Jew. Can you imagine a place where the magic from water, fire, and oxygen are restored? How about going to a place where the new Israel receives manna from heaven every Sunday? Or a place where your eyes are opened, and you discover you not much different than anyone on the planet?

We look forward to going on the journey to together.  Remember, it’s never too late.