The Bible Alone Won’t Save Society

As the guardian of souls, the Catholic church compiled a list of forbidden books for its faithful NOT to read.    Included in the list?  Authors as diverse as John Calvin, John Locke, Daniel Defoe, David Hume,  Voltaire, Montaigne,  and John Milton.    While the list was removed in the 1960’s, I don’t think it was a bad idea.  Most of us don’t fully grasp that bad Ideas are even more dangerous than viruses.  We need protection.

With any good idea, Satan mimics it.  

In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury predicts a future where the firefighter sets books on fire.    Like our society, its people don’t read books or engage in conversation but watch oversized TV’s.  George Orwell, in 1984,  famously predicts an era where Big Brother (an authoritative government) decides what its people think and know.

The future may be happening today.  In his book, One Vote Away, Ted Cruz recounts critical cases where the supreme court was within one vote.   Recently, the Supreme Court came within one vote of giving the government the power to ban books.

What happens if the printed word evaporates?    Silicone Valley chooses our Goodreads?  Or, what if the United States falls victim to cyber terrorism?

The invention of the Gutenberg press and today’s iPhone/internet didn’t take God by surprise.  Solomon warned, “the making of many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body” (cf. Ecclesiastes 12:12).   Daniel predicted in the last days, “knowledge will increase” (cf. Daniel 12).

The practice of bait and switch is an old marketing tool.   Grab the consumer’s attention and then real them for your ultimate purpose.  Now that society is completely addicted to information technology,  who needs the printed page?

Why is God allowing a tech based society to control the world’s narrative?

Information won’t save society.  Neither will the 1st or 2nd amendment.

Stated Bluntly: The Bible alone won’t save society. That’s good news. Why?  God’s not bound by a book even the Bible.

What happens when the airways become silent and the Good Book disappears from modern society?  What method will God use?

2000 years ago, the Apostle Paul needed the blinding light of Christ (Acts 9).

Today, Muslims come to Christ through dreams and visions of the Virgin Mary.

God doesn’t need your iPhone to introduce a New Pentecost.

Perhaps the events of this year are God’s way of recreating society in His image.

Society returns to an oral tradition.  Instead of having the likes of Bill Gates, we have the likes of Plata and Homer.

Instead of Facebook we have small groups centered around the Eucharist.

Instead of every man an expert and every man his or her own “pope,” the Church will again take center stage.   Instead of attending conferences sporting the latest ideas or clothes, its leaders will come as wanted criminals.

Like it or not, God is reshaping society.

God of kindness and truth, you saved your Chosen One, Jesus Christ, and you gave your martyrs strength. Watch over your people who come to you here and strengthen the hearts of those who hope in you, that they may proclaim your saving acts of kindness in the eternal city.



Author: Karen Epp

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