Eight Things I Learned from Today’s Morning Prayer


  1. What is the purpose of our heart?  “Most blessèd Trinity of love,  For whom the heart of man was made.”
  2. Why is the “new song” not really new?  “To you be praise in timeless song,  And everlasting homage paid.”
  3. How do I gain insight?  “The will of God gives joy to the heart; we see all things in its light.”
  4. IV.  How do steer clear of grave sin?  “From presúmption restráin your sérvant and lét it not rúle me. Thén shall Í be blámeless,  cléan from grave sín.
  5. How do you prove to God you are not a slave?  “May our faith prove we are not slaves, but sons, not so much subjected to your law as sharing your power.”
  6. When Does God Judge the Unrighteous?  Gód is a júst júdge *slów to ánger; but he thréatens the wícked every dáy,  men who will nót repént.
  7. How Should We Pray during times of Upheaval?  “Father, you weigh what is in our hearts. Free us from oppressors, and, as we wait for your day of judgement, set a firm guard on our thoughts, so that while we return good for evil, we may still praise your kind of justice.”
  8. What is the answer to all of God’s commands?  “Avoid getting into debt, except the debt of mutual love. If you love your fellow men you have carried out your obligations. Love is the one thing that cannot hurt your neighbour; that is why it is the answer to every one of the commandments.”



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Author: Karen Epp

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