What are you Looking For?

“What are you looking for?”  Jesus

Jesus asks us that question every day.     Unlike the rivers, we don’t spontaneously applaud our maker.  Nor do we, as Psalm 98 states, shout for joy like the mountains.    If however, like the future apostles, we are looking for our Maker,   Jesus will find us.  The Lamb of God will invite us to “come and see.”

Know what you are looking for.

Like John the Baptist,  the disciples were anticipating the Messiah.  As God spoke through the prophets, His people sensed the kingdom.   When John the Baptist proclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God,” the disciples recognized the kingdom of God in Jesus.

John 1 records the first exchange between Jesus and the disciples.  Jesus:  “What are you looking for?”  The disciples:  “Rabbi” (which translated means Teacher),  “where are you staying?”

Clearly, the goal of the disciples was to find the Messiah. 

What’s my goal for 2020? 

Finding God in every moment might open more opportunities for Jesus’ to invite me to “where He is staying.”    Scripture indicates the wind of the Spirit goes where He wills.  In Scripture, Jesus spent His energies with the widows, the lepers (outcasts) and that’s where you can find Him today.

God’s prophets spoke and the disciples responded.  In I John 3, the apostle asks us to on guard for false prophets.   Jesus predicted the rise of the spurious mouthpieces of God.

We have thousands of varieties of men and women who claim to be God’s prophets.   My job is to love them asking for discernment on who to follow.









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