The Faith of a Grandfather Clock


Faith is like a grandfather clock.  

For 350 years, scientists have been scratching their heads why grandfather clocks sync within 30 minutes.   Christian Huygens, the inventor, referred this mysterious syncing as an odd kind of symphony.   Future scientists referred to it as “the spooky coordination to the tiny forces created by sound pulses.”

Our faith is the supernatural syncing of the work of the people and the work on behalf of the people.   The New Testament is God’s manual to ensure the balance of faith and works.   Just as importantly, the balance between the work of the people and the work of the clergy.

People bring their gifts to God and clergy bring God’s gifts to the people. Unless the two are in harmony, our faith stops.  When the two become we, we have the Church, the temple of God on earth.

The Christian life is the ultimate balancing act between faith and works and between the laity and clergy.   The reason why churches fail is the same reason why marriages fail.   There is a lack of harmony between the partners.  Husbands, as the family priest, fail to bring the message and gifts of heaven to the family.  When wives bring the gifts of the home to her husband we have God’s temple on earth.

Churches do their good deeds for all to see.  They blow the trumpet in Zion.  They perform their good deeds for all to see.  The pastor of its church, like Solomon, leads the congregation for all to see.  The people of God do all their good works in private. We pray, fast and give alms throughout the week.

When it is time for Sunday morning worship, we bring our lives as an offering to God.  Together with the Church’s offering, the kingdom of God begins to appear.


Author: gbradepp

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