A Church without Dads

 God created the dad to be the family pastor.

The local family is the church in miniature. Jesus prays that we might be perfected by unity. We are unified because there is a certain God-given order. In the Old Testament and in the New Testament, dad’s serve as the priest or pastor of the family unity. A family without its own dad is like a church with an empty pulpit.

Just as Jesus asked Peter “Do you love me?” Jesus asks every dad the same question “Do you love me?” In the context of Peters’ questioning, it was about his ability to follow Jesus and to do so willingly at any cost. If Jesus asked Peter and He asks us the same of us, why do we stop before we fully surrender?

Peter and the rest of the 12 never had their own kids. And yet they fathered the greatest group of dads in the history of civilization. I’d often wondered why Peter topped the list of the all of the apostles. He was the first to confess Jesus as the Christ and the Son of God. He was named the rock of the Church. Jesus commanded Peter to feed His sheep. I think I know the answer to why Jesus had all those conversations with Peter. Jesus made Peter the Church’s first dad.  

 A family without its own dad is like a church with an empty pulpit. 

As a “dad” to thousands, both Peter and Paul knew the cost of his discipleship. They traveled the globe and raised up dads who were willing to pay the ultimate price for their faith. In his own case, Paul knew it was going to lead to his death but he was content with that outcome and he would tell his story to everyone even to King Agrippa.

It’s tough being a dad today. Our culture hates the spiritual role of the dad because it is a threat. Jesus said the world will hate the disciples. The world and the devil hate any pastor even if he is only the pastor of the local family.

Dads may not be asked to die for their faith, but would we?

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