God’s Body

6f1908e7b43377dca744c14847d5e726An average car has about 30,000 parts.   Since my dad was a mechanic, I know as much as the average grease monkey.  With over 1 billion cars traveling up and down the world’s highways, the odds of one them breaking down are pretty good.

Think of the human body.  The American Association of Anatomists lists 7500 different parts.    Thanks to WebMD,  I probably know a few more the Apostle Paul.   When Paul compared the spiritual gift mix of God’s body to a human body, Paul only listed the eye, the head, hand and the foot.


Think of the number of moving parts if you take 7500 times 6 billion people?

If the human body is complex, how much more the body of Christ?

Even though the Bible only mentions a few gifts, I think the authors were showing us its diversity.

If our body has 7500, the body of Christ probably has ??

Author: Karen Epp

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