About four decades ago, I participated in the “I Found it” campaign.  The campaign was organized by Campus Crusade and volunteers called about 85% of all Americans.  One night I called the local bishop of the Catholic Church.  I asked, “Have you been born again?”  He replied, “there must be some mistake. Do you know who I am?”  He then explained he knew Bill Bright and even had visited the Campus Crusade campus.  My first thought… “Just because he had a title, he was still searching for answers.”

In John 3, Jesus asked one of the rulers of the leaders of the  Jewish faith if he “found it?”    John 3 contains four surprising signs that Nicodemus was about to “FIND IT!”

  1.  Courageous- Unlike the disciples, he stayed with Jesus to the end helping Joseph of Arimathea (cf. John 19:39)
  2.  Open to God— Nicodemus asks Jesus, “No one can do the signs that you do unless God is with him.”   Jesus refers Nicodemus to the future Pentecost of the Church (cf “The wind blows where it will” (cf. Isaiah 11: 2-3))
  3.  Perceptive –  Perhaps Nicodemus met Jesus at night because he sensed Jesus was from above and he was from below and that Jesus was light and he was still in darkness. (cf. John 3:31-36)
  4.  Humble –  Even though Jesus speaks pointedly, “You being a leader of the Jews, don’t know?”  Nicodemus does not take offense.   Even though he was a “who’s who of Jerusalem”  he swallowed his pride hoping to FIND IT.

Was Nicodemus the counterpart of Judas?  Judas recieved the light but moved toward the darkness while Nicodemus talks to Jesus in the cover of darkness so that he might find eternal light.

Which direction are you moving?




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