How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord.

by Karen Epp

The glory of the Lord that came down with Moses from the mountain and that shown on his face also appeared as a cloud that descended upon the Meeting Tent.  During the day it was a cloud and at night fire could be seen in the cloud.  When the cloud lifted the people knew it was time to pack up,   move and to follow the cloud because that was God and God was speaking.

David knew the importance of the presence of God.  He used phrases like:  My soul yearns and pines.  My heart cries out for the Living God.  Blessed are those who dwell in your house.  I would rather have one day in your courts that one thousand days elsewhere.   (Psalm 84)

God has made us so that our very soul longs for this.  It becomes that consuming fire, like the cloud.  We need to see God or we feel like we will die.  The children of Israel had a visual reminder but we can also search for God with our whole heart and we will find Him.

Author: Karen Epp

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