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We lived in the desert for about 100 days before we heard the sound of rain.  The Verde Valley of Arizona is made up of snow birds.  Arizona residents during the winter returning home during the Summer.  After my first Summer, I wanted to return North with them.     Church attendance during the Summer months was only for the brave few.

Today, most people don’t go to church.  People are too busy, bored, or disappointed but few refuse to go because they are afraid of what might be required of them.   I can think of a few examples:

  1. God tells Abraham to kill Isaac. The crazy thing is that Abraham did not object.  Evidently this wasn’t the first time God asked Abraham to do something outside the realm of common sense.  “Lord, what are you asking me to do this time?”
  2. God tells Ezekiel to lay on his side for 6 months.
  3. God tells the Children of Israel to fight with pitchers and trumpets. When the going gets really tough, make sure Moses’ hands are propped up.

If you are looking for a religion that makes sense and is nice and respectable, you might want to pass on Christianity.

It’s not without good reason we are called fools for Christ.  I hate going to a Church that makes Christianity middle class where you have to have a certain IQ to understand the pastor.

I like going to a Church where an ecstatic experience is a possibility. God speaks to us in a prophetic word; unknown tongue or He hides Himself in the thick cloud of incense.  There are windows to heaven.   We receive healing and mercy. We become born again when we eat and drink the body and blood of Christ.

When you go to Church it should be the most dangerous and safe place in town.

 It’s like Annie Dillard once wrote, “Make sure you put on your crash helmets.” 

Author: Karen Epp

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