Government Work


Matthew Levi
34 Dusty Avenue
Capernaum Galilee
(011) 972-2-6707211

Job Objective: A highly competent Revenue Collector where outstanding bottom-line personality with complete devotion to Caesar.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Valuable experience in collection of revenue for government industry
  • Sound knowledge of Roman tax collection laws, regulations and policies
  • Profound knowledge of the Roman Collection Practices Act
  • Fluent in Aramaic and Greek
  • Exceptional ability to resolve all collection activities targeting those with low income
  • Outstanding ability to interpret complex laws in view of the Mission statement for Rome
  • Adjusted standards to facilitate increased expectations
  • Developed display containers allowing government to collect more with decreased output
  • Ability to understand and interpret complex laws
  • Proficient with scales, measurements

The tax collector Matthew’s fictional resume is not much different from my attempt to sacrifice the kingdom of God for a piece of an earthly empire.    I find myself cutting corners and choosing creative ethical approaches to get that extra bonus and then Jesus comes to our office and steals our heart.

Why did Jesus choose Matthew who was so very different from Peter? 

On one level, Jesus choose the apostles in a prophetic sense.  Jesus saw the fruit of their future and the future of the Church in the centuries to follow.  He chose the despicable, the ordinary and those who were political crazies so that we might do more than sit on a pew.

What did Matthew do after Pentecost?  Scripture does not say but many believe he died in Ethiopia sharing the good news.

What is the good news but “good news?”   Matthew giving drink to thirsty souls; helping those who are sick, do not have homes, in jail or in need of burial.   When Jesus found Matthew, He served God’s decrees not the decrees of Rome.   

  Instead of worrying about the truth according to Caesar, worry about the way, the truth and the life.  


Author: Karen Epp

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