Your Choice: Worship or Be Numb

High Speed Internet has ruined me.    Between Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and of instant E-mail its hard to go back to a dial up culture.

I’ve  got millions of books, movies and podcasts to entertain that educate—all available NOW— but unfortunately MAKE my soul NUMB.  

I’m living out the lyrics to the U2 song, NUMB

Don’t grab
Don’t clutch
Don’t hope for too much
Don’t breathe
Don’t achieve
Don’t grieve without leave.

Most people in my neighborhood don’t go to church.  Better fellowship at the local club.  Better teaching on TED Talks.   A church’s promise of prosperity fades after life intervenes. 

Not exactly breaking news. 

How did the Church before the Church Worship?

Before we went to church our spiritual forefathers went to the temple.   Old Testament worship attempted to copy the worship in heaven.   After the new Moses (Jesus) fulfilled every jot and tittle of the Old Covenant, instead of copying heaven’s worship we recieved heaven’s worship.

That’s why Hebrews compares Jesus to Melchizedek.  Worship is no longer based on good copy (i.e. the Levites)  but on the masterpiece of Christianity (i.e. Melchizedek-Jesus).   Thomas Lane writes, “Hebrews describes Christ as a leitourgos (λειτουργός), a liturgist/minister conducting a sacred liturgy in heaven (8:2).47 Hebrews describes God’s heavenly sanctuary as the true tent (8:2).”

Man is God’s plaything.  (Thomas Merton) and God watches us.  When heaven plays (i.e. worships) man is expected to watch. 

For all the good the Puritan work has done, its changed the way God designed mankind to worship.  When you work, you expect some kind of return on your investment.   Ironically, the Puritan work ethic is contrary to God. 

Theologians have often pointed out, liturgy comes from to words, “work” and “people.”    Liturgy isn’t our activity but God’s work for His people.   

We sit/watch and get a glimpse of God’s vision of  play. 

“Aristotle said that the best activities are the most useless. This is because such things are not simply means to a further end but are done entirely for their own sake…This is why the great liturgical theologian Romano Guardini said that the liturgy is a consummate form of play. ” (Bishop Robert Barron”

If you are bored at worship, change the way you play by  practicing stillness one hour a day

Paul Quenon wrote a poem about how he prepares for worship:

Arriving sun stretched
through pillars of trees
carpets of color
before my feet.

Day, in this hidden hall of fame,
is celebrating day,
with my company alone
present to honor being.

In honor of being I dance
while robin concurs
with steady, steady chirps—
famous, persistent chirps.

The toughest Scripture to obey in our world is the Psalm:




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