Out of Sync

in (or out of) sync
working well (or badly) together; in (or out of) agreement.
“her eyes and her brain seemed to be seriously out of sync”


70 percent of the internet traffic points to Pornography.   The Church has outlawed its usage. In many parts of the world (cf. Asia and Africa) its banned by the government.

Still,  28 billion people visiting these soul destroying sites.


If we fast forward 30 years, we can’t imagine the sites and shows we visit.    Why the drastic change in values?

It’s easy to blame our “Eve.”  Like the original Adam, we say ask “Can you imagine a man visiting one of those sites whose heart is fully captured by his wife?  How many of us have been victimized by a wife who controls everything including when and why we have sex?”

Adam speaks loudly in my ear every day.

What is Jesus saying?

The narrow way of salvation is clearly marked out by Scripture and the lives of the Saints.  “Instead of  surrendering to the allurements of our sex culture, surrender to Jesus, Mary and the Saints.”    Most of us are like St. Augustine and say,  “Now but not yet Lord.”

The power of Satan’s allurement vs. God’s hope to participate in the Beatific vision should be, “No contest right”?  But, why is the allurement so strong?

A few years ago, Tom Cruise, recreated H.G. Wells, “The War of the Worlds.”    The first few minutes were a cinematic delight.  However, like our own spiritual warfare, the remainder of the movie dragged  on and on.

Most of us get into trouble because Sunday’s sermon is designed to last about 6 days.   The race toward the kingdom of God lasts forever and a day.

Is there an easy microwave solution?

Going to church every Sunday is important.  Eating the Body and Blood of Jesus every Sunday gives me Eternal Life.   Confessing my sins to one of Peter’s  successors makes my soul ready for God’s will.  But most importantly, becoming one with God’s partner seals the deal.

Communication is everything.  Like the body of Christ we are one in everything.

Jesus prayer in John 17 is our starting point.

If your marriage is our of sync, bend the knee and surrender all of your rights (Philippians 2) and save the world (i.e. your marriage).


Matthew 18:19

“Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.







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