Remodel At The Temple (II Kings 22)

We often hear stories of a famous document being found in a wall or behind a painting during a remodel job and it is priceless.  We all want to be the one who finds the priceless piece.

The Temple is going through a remodel process and they find a document and bring it to the king.  He has it read to him and he is devastated by what he hears.  The Book of the Law is found.  He orders the priests to consult the Lord about this and he realizes that the Lord is angry with his people because of this.  He also orders everyone to come to Jerusalem and the Book of the Law is read to the people.  The king makes a covenant with the Lord that they will follow Him, observe his ordinances, statues and decrees with their whole heart and soul.  This would revive the terms of the covenant written in the book.  All of the people stood as participants of the covenant.

The document was priceless but what the document said was also priceless.  The king recognized the value of the book and the people also recognized the value.  What can change a life?  The words of God that changes the heart of a person, that is the real value and it is priceless.

Author: Karen Epp

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