How Fast Can You Run?

Elijah has just had a powerful day.  He has shown the people that God is God and Baal is nothing.  The people have seen God’s fire come down from heaven.

The land has been in a severe drought and famine and after the alter is consumed with God’s fire, Elijah tells Ahab that rain is coming.  Not just a drizzle but a “heavy rain.” And there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  He tells Ahab to eat and drink and Elijah and his servant climb Mt. Carmel to watch for the rain to come.  Elijah tells his servant to look off into the distance for a cloud and after seven reports of no clouds, he returns with report that there is a cloud the ‘size of a man’s hand’ in the distance.

Elijah tells the servant to go to Ahab and give him the message to head back to Jezreel quickly as the rain is coming.  Ahab harnesses his chariots up to start back and “the Lord’s hand was on Elijah and he girded up his clothing and ran before Ahab all the way back to Jezreel.”

Elijah runs faster than a chariot.  Humanly that probably isn’t possible but with God all things are possible.  God has just proven to the worshipers of Baal that He is the One True God.  God has proven that he controls the weather-no clouds have been seen for several years but on this day the drought was over because God said it was over.  God shows Ahab, whose mortal enemy was Elijah the prophet of God, that he is not in control and that if God wants to He can make your enemies run faster that you.

It wasn’t that Elijah won, it was that on that day God won.

Author: Karen Epp

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