How Long Can You Straddle an Issue?

Elijah asked the people a question, “If God is God follow him, if Baal then follow him.”  He was the only prophet left who served God and there were 450 prophets of Baal.  Where were those who followed God?  But as Elijah said you can’t have a divided heart.  Elijah put them to a test.  He built alters to sacrifice to the ‘true’ God.  The prophets of Baal were to call fire from their god  to consume their sacrifice.  They tried all day but it didn’t happen.  Then it was Elijah’s turn.  He wanted to make sure they KNEW who the true God was so he had them pour water all over the alter until it ran off and filled the trench around it.  This would make it humanly impossible to burn.  And then he prayed and “The Lord’s fire came down and consumed the offering, the wood, the stones and even the dust.  There was no water left in the trench.

Seeing this, all the people fell down and said, “The Lord is God! The Lord is God!”

Drifting away from God happens easily.  One day we wake up and hear, “how long can you straddle the issue?”  Who is your God?  All the pleading to our new “god” will not give us the answer we need.  It is turning back to God and letting his fire consume our sin and bring us back to Him.

Author: Karen Epp

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