How Big Is Your Faith?

Most times we say, “I believe God can do anything,” but we really believe “God can do anything for other people but He never does big things for me.”

The Old Testament story in I Kings 17 tells of a severe famine in the land and Elijah is at a brook that runs dry. God tells him to go to Zarephath and find a widow there and she is going to provide for him.  Just as God says he arrives and sees a widow gathering fire wood.  He asks her for a drink of water.  She brings it to him and then he asks for a bit of bread.  She tells him she only has enough flour and oil to make one last roll for her and her son and then they are going to die.

She then meets her test of faith.  Elijah asks her to make a little roll for him first and then she can make food for her and her son because “your jar of flour will not go empty nor your jug of oil run dry.  And just so you know it is for a specific time, this will stop when it starts to rain again.”

She faced her test of faith and believed God was bigger than her famine and for a whole year she had enough for Elijah, her and her son.

Lord, increase our faith to believe that You are bigger than our problem and that You will provide for us.

Author: Karen Epp

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