Walk in Humility

Blessed day by day by the Lord who bears our burdens, God who is our salvation.  Psalm 68

In Acts 20, Paul summarizes his Christian life:

*He served the Lord with all humility even with all the tears and trials that came to him.
*He was constantly under the plot from the Jews to kill him, but this didn’t stop him.
*He witnessed to both Jews and Greeks of repentance before God and to bring to faith in Jesus Christ.
*He is not compelled to go to Jerusalem and he has been warned by the Holy Spirit that imprisonment and hardships await him.
* He is not deterred, he only wants to finish his course.

Paul walked in such close fellowship with the Father that even knowing his future did not cause him to run away and hide.  He knew that they could kill his body but not his soul so he continued on.

May we like Paul walk in humility and seek to proclaim the gospel to everyone we meet.

Author: Karen Epp

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