Are You Willing to Change Your Opinion

It is hard to change your opinion about a subject once your mind is made up, even if you see facts that tell you that your opinion is wrong.  Watch the news, follow a court case, or just watch your neighbors-you have a strong opinion about the situation whether it is right or wrong.  The Sadducees and Pharisees cannot admit they are wrong. They know that what they did to Jesus was wrong.  They know he was innocent.  They know Jesus rose from the dead but even though they know all of these facts they cannot admit he was their Messiah.

They tried to get rid of Peter and the Apostles and now they are coming after Paul.  Just as they did with Jesus, when they presented their case against Paul the verdict was “we find nothing wrong with this man.”  The uproar that followed almost cost Paul his life with the out of control mob.  The army commander ordered his troops to go down and rescue Paul.

“The following night the Lord stood by Paul and said, ‘Take courage’, for just as you have borne witness to my cause in Jerusalem so you must also bear witness in Rome.” (Acts 23)

Author: Karen Epp

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