Knowing how to listen and really hear what a person is saying to you is an art.  Not everyone knows how to listen.  We try to teach our children when they are toddlers to “listen to Mommy and Daddy” but it is a process.  We warn, we praise, we teach, we help but most of all we love them so that they learn how to listen and at the same time know that they are loved.

We see this principle shown to us in Acts 16.  Paul and Timothy are in Philippi and on the Sabbath day they go out of the city to find a quiet place to pray along the river.  They meet a group of women and one in particular is Lydia “a dealer in purple cloth and a worshiper of God; she listened and the Lord opened her heart to hear what Paul was saying.”  After this encounter she opens her home to them.

Jesus told the disciples that when the Spirit of Truth come, he will testify to me.  The Spirit of Truth come and speaks to us and we listen.  We learn Truth.  As we learn to listen to God we know his love for us is strong and we want to learn from him.  We hear his voice and know how to listen.

Author: Karen Epp

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