You Are The Witnesses


This disciples are still trying to understand that Jesus is alive (Luke 24). It was the only topic of conversation and all of a sudden Jesus is standing in the room with them. The adjectives used to describe the scene are startled, terrified, seeing a ghost and then Jesus speaks “Peace be with you.” “Why are you troubled?” He tells them to look at him and see his hands and feet, touch him and see that He is alive and not a ghost. Now the adjectives are incredulous, joy, and amazement. He asks for food because he is hungry and as additional proof needed to show them that He wasn’t a ghost.

Jesus begins to teach and explain how that everything written in the law of Moses, the prophets and Psalms is now fulfilled…Christ would suffer, die, and rise from the dead so that repentance and forgiveness of sins would be preached in his name to all of the nations beginning in Jerusalem. They were the eye witnesses to the events.

So many times the adjectives used to describe us today are the same ones used to describe the people that saw Jesus that day-startled, terrified, unable to believe and yet Jesus tells us the same thing, “Why are you troubled? Peace be with you.” Am I a credible witness today to the resurrection of Jesus?

Author: Karen Epp

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