Blind Eyes


Being blind would be a very difficult life. Being able to see the ones we love, the beauty of nature, the ability to see what we cook, and the ability to work is all part of being able to see. It is how we function. Being spiritually blind is just as debilitating. You don’t see the One who loves you. You don’t see the creation of God around you. You miss what God is doing because your eyes are spiritually blind. You are not functioning.

The lame man sitting at the Temple gate (Acts 3) begging for alms couldn’t walk but he was also spiritually blind. When Peter and John entered the area they asked the man to “Look at us.” As his spiritual eyes opened he was given new legs and ankles that had strength and he stood up and began walking, jumping and praising God.

The two men on the road to Emmaus are walking home from Jerusalem. They had been with the disciples. Jesus comes up and starts walking with them “but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him.” Jesus wants to know what they were discussing. They tell him all about Jesus and what had happened over the past few days. They even knew he was risen from the dead but they couldn’t find him so they were going home.

Then Jesus begins to explain the Scriptures to them. They ask him to stay for supper and as he blesses the food their blind eyes see and He vanishes. They also have foot and ankle strength given to them as they run back to Jerusalem to declare that they had just seen Jesus.

Author: Karen Epp

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