Good Friday


Who would believe what we heard? (Isaiah 52) God sent his son Jesus to come into our world for this day. Everything lead up to this day. The prophets foretold what would happen. The Psalms gave a vivid picture of crucifixion and what the death of Jesus would look like, and yet, they didn’t recognize it.

The series of events that happened Thursday evening and Friday morning are all orchestrated by God. Jesus and the disciples leave the Upper Room and go to the Garden to pray. The Bible says that Judas knew of this place because Jesus went there often to pray. When the band of soldiers plus Judas arrive and ask for Jesus, he says, I AM. When he says, I AM, the soldiers cannot stand in the presence of God and fall down. Then Jesus protects the disciples asking that they let them go and only take him. Peter comes to Jesus’ defense and swings a sword cutting off the ear of a slave. The Bible tells us the name of this man as Malchus. Can you imagine what his life was like from that moment on and the story he must of told of what happened to him that night? Jesus is bound and taken.

Peter follows at a distance to watch. Jesus is brought to the high priest because they had agreed that it was better for one man to die rather than the people. (John 18) That plan sets up for Jesus’ betrayal, beating, sentencing, crucifixion and death.

They never realized that that was God’s plan all along: ONE MAN JESUS CHRIST must die for the sins of all men. It is a horrible day, but remember Sunday is coming!

Author: Karen Epp

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