One of You is a Betrayer


How do you live as a group of 12 men day in and day out and not have even an inkling that Judas was not good? Some people are just smooth talkers and can fool anyone but at some point you let your guard down and your true character is revealed, but apparently Judas was the exception and he had them all fooled, except Jesus.

Jesus and his disciples are celebrating Passover and Jesus says, One of you will betray me. That causes everyone to look at each other and say “who is it?” Jesus took the bread and dipped it in the wine and gave it to Judas. Judas was given the very remembrance that we celebrate to this day-the broken body and shed blood of Jesus our Savior. Judas takes it in mockery and then goes out and betrays Jesus. The Bible says that at that time Satan entered into Judas.

Jesus continues talking with the remaining disciples and because they still don’t believe that Judas is the betrayer, Peter says “I will follow you wherever you go” and Jesus tells him that no you can’t and even before morning Peter, you will deny you even knew me.

We never know what is in someone else’s heart. We all carry pain and hurt with us. We disguise it and don’t let people get close enough to see the real “us” but we must realize that except for God’s grace, we could all be a Judas or a Peter. We must keep our hearts humbled before God and confess our sins and seek his forgiveness. Jesus shed his blood on the cross so that we might have life.

Be my rock or refuge, a stronghold to give me safety for you are my Rock and fortress. Psalm 71

Author: Karen Epp

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