Jesus and Passover

When Jesus was twelve years old, we are told of the time that his family travelled to Jerusalem for Passover.  We gather that there was a large caravan that travelled from Nazareth to Jerusalem for the feast.  When Passover was completed they started back to Nazareth.  Mary and Joseph thought that Jesus was with friends but after a day of travel they were unable to find him so they travelled back to Jerusalem.

They searched three more day before they found him.  He had been missing for 5 days-2 days of travel and 3 days of searching.  They must have been frantic with worry.  Jesus had spent those days with the religious leaders in the Temple.  He asked them questions and he listened to their discussions.

When Jesus returns later as an adult to Jerusalem, did they remember him as a 12 year old boy asking questions that astonished even them?  When he is 33 years old, Passover will bring a different outcome as Jesus will be “The Passover Lamb” who is slain for the sins of the whole world.

As we are reaching the end of the Lenten season and are anticipating Easter Sunday, we must remember our Passover Lamb-Jesus who took our sins on himself on the cross so that we could have Resurrection Sunday.

Author: Karen Epp

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