Forgive us, Lord

Forgive Us, O Lord

The children of Israel went through cycles of following God and receiving his blessings to turning from Him, following other gods and suffering his punishment. They knew what they needed to do to turn back to God but sometimes it lasted many years before they repented.

Daniel 3 is a prayer of forgiveness and asking for God’s mercy. The prophet states that they have nothing to bring to God. They are empty and they recognize it is because of their sin. They offered their contrite heart and humbled spirit as the only sacrifice they could bring to God. They turned from their sin to follow God unreservedly. They asked not to be put to shame but to let God deal with them in his kindness and great mercy.

We are like the children of Israel. We follow God and then we turn from Him to do our own thing. When we turn back to Him it must be with a contrite, humbled heart. God will forgive.

Author: Karen Epp

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