Marvels of the Lord

Remember The Marvels Of The Lord

Joseph was a son and a brother and yet his brothers hated him. Hatred consumed them so much that they were willing to sell their brother into slavery. They actually made money from his sale to the Ishmaelites.

Their hatred was intense. It consumed them. They had come to the point that they wanted to kill him. Reuben talked them into putting him into a cistern (which he planned later to rescue him from and send him home). While Joseph is in the cistern, his brothers are eating and plotting his demise and then they see the band of Ishmaelites and decide to sell him. Ten men have such hard and angry hearts that they want to kill but settle for selling their brother into slavery. How low they had sunk.

But this is not the end of the story. The brothers thought it was. Their father believed it was, but God had a plan and Joseph will go from slavery to prison to the second highest position in the land of Egypt.

We cannot see into the future, but the future is God’s and He will lead us. Even in the darkest of hours He is still working. We don’t know the final chapter yet. Our story is still being written.

Author: Karen Epp

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