Be a Shepherd

When I was a child, our neighbor gave our family a baby lamb because the mother had twins and had rejected this one. We bottle fed it and took care of it 24-7. As the lamb grew, she attached to my youngest sister and would follow her everywhere. It really was like “Mary Had A Little Lamb”…but I soon realized that the lamb was not very smart. She would follow my sister and if my sister turned to go into the house she had no idea where she was. You had to constantly be aware of her and where she was. Getting lost was easy.

Peter compared pastors of churches to being a shepherd and tending a flock of sheep. If we had trouble keeping up with one little lamb consider what a pastor has to do with a whole flock. They can go off in every direction and it is his job to keep them together, protected and safe.

Peter said to oversee them not by constraint by willingly and not for profit. The pastor is not to be a hired hand who just shows up to work each day, but he is to take care of the sheep like he is the owner/shepherd. He has a vested interest in protecting each one in the flock. You cannot dictate what you want a sheep to do, you lead them by example and they will follow the example you set. Jesus set the perfect example as the Good Shepherd.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23

Author: Karen Epp

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