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Psalm 19 says, The Law of the Lord is perfect refreshing the soul…giving wisdom to the simple…they are right rejoicing the heart. Many people just bristle when they see or hear the Ten Commandments. They want them taken down from every public place. What is so offensive about those words? What makes people so angry? Could it be that these words convict our souls? The law was never meant to save us but to help us realize that we need a Savior. God did not leave us frustrated with laws we could not keep, but he sent a Savior to redeem us so that when we sin and fall short of his glory he provided redemption for all.

The Ten Commandments are moral laws which help society work in fairness to everyone. Just imagine life without any boundaries. The commandments like: Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not lie or use profanity, Thou shalt not bear false witness help all of us be better people. What kind of world would we live in if we didn’t have these basic fundamentals? These commandments help everyone and God is not mentioned. Many people want a justification to sin but God said, Be holy as I am holy,” and He gives us examples of how to be holy like him, Do not slander, do not have hatred for your brother, do not take revenge or hold grudges. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Do our souls need refreshing? Do we need wisdom? Read the Ten Commandments today (Leviticus 19) and see where you fall short, confess to God your inability to do this but with his grace, you can be holy as He is holy.

Author: Karen Epp

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