Give Me a Sign

Jesus asked the question, Why does this generation seek a sign? And yet James tells us what the Christian life looks like and how you should handle it. It is not about confusion and looking for signs.

First, one must count it all joy when you experience trials. This is a test of our faith that produces perseverance and that helps us to be perfect or complete, lacking nothing.

Second, if (or when) you lack wisdom you must ask for God it. Wisdom is not a sign. It is given to those who ask for it, and He gives it generously and ungrudgingly. Ask in faith and do not doubt. Doubting is compared to waves on the sea and heavy winds. It beats you and turns you around so many times you don’t know what to believe.

Instead of asking for a sign, ask for wisdom. Wisdom is more valuable that a sign. Wisdom may produce the “sign post” that leads you to the answer God wants to give you

Author: Karen Epp

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