Holding Grudges

Why do we hold grudges? It can be that we feel that we have been wronged and justice was not done. We can feel that another person has been wronged and we will hold the grudge for them against the party that wounded them. Grudges are a result of unresolved anger no matter how justified. It eats at the very soul of a person.

In I Kings 11 we read the story of Jeroboam who meets with the prophet Ahijah and who tells him that the kingdom is being taken from Solomon’s family and will be given to him. He is given ten tribes to rule and the one tribe is given to Solomon’s son. It says Israel went into rebellion against David’s house to this day. They are holding a grudge all of these years.

Jesus meets a man by the Sea of Galilee who is deaf and has a speech impediment. He begs Jesus to lay hands on him and heal him and Jesus does. He is miraculously healed and gives all the glory to God. He is not blaming his parents that he had been deaf. He is not blaming people for treating him differently. He is not holding any grudges, he is healed and that is all that matters.

Grudges can be like our little “precious” that we hold on to with a death grip. We like how it makes us feel. We are empowered by the grudge not knowing that is really destroying us. It steals our joy. It steals relationships. It can sap the very life blood out of our lives and just leave a shell of the person we could have been. Or we can be like the deaf man who begs Jesus to heal him and all of hurt was changed to a new life that praises God for what God did for him. It still begs the question, why do we hold grudges? The answer is we shouldn’t. Jesus can change our lives and heal our wounds.

Author: Karen Epp

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