A Heart Divided

The news is filled with stories of people whose hearts are divided and the destruction that it causes. The mayor of Nashville is a modern day example. She wins an election and then has an affair with her body guard. It will destroy two families and put the city into division over what she should do now.

I Kings 11 talks of Solomon who started out loving God and was considered the wisest man to have lived. He obeyed God. He listened to God but he turned from listening to God to listening to his foreign wives. He built God’s Temple in Jerusalem but then he built high places for his wives’ foreign gods and allowed his wives to worship those gods. God takes the kingdom away from Solomon and leaves his son to rule one tribe. God’s punishment was severe.

We also know that even if you worship other gods and you hear about the true God-you believe. Jesus encounters a Greek woman from Syrophoenicia who brings her demon possessed daughter to Jesus to be healed. She knew that her gods were not powerful to deliver her daughter but Jesus could.

You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. When you meet Jesus your “other gods” become powerless and your heart is no longer divided.

Author: Karen Epp

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