Life as Consequences

Life Has Consequences

David tried to live his life listening to the voice of God. The Psalms give us a glimpse into his conversations with God and his successes and failures. David also did things that were contrary to what God said and he suffered the consequences. David ordered a census be taken in the land. He found out that there were 1,300,000 military aged men in the kingdom. David knew this was not what God wanted because God uses the little things in life to confound the mighty. God used a boy to kill a giant and defeat an enemy. God uses a small band of men to destroy a whole city. God could use a whole army but most of the time he wants the people to know-the enemy was defeated because of God’s help not through our human intervention.

God brought a severe judgment against David and the people of the kingdom for what he did. God sent a pestilence on the land for 3 days and 70,000 people died. God stopped the plague before it destroyed Jerusalem. David saw the angel of the Lord and he cried out “It is I who have sinned; it is I; the shepherd who has done wrong.”

Many of us are like David. We make quick decisions on our own and we never even pray about it to see if that is what God wants us to do. We never think that there might be consequences. There are always consequences to sin, but recognizing our sin and repenting is what God honors and it can stop the results and allow us to go forward like David with a clean slate.

Author: Karen Epp

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