The Death of Absalom

The Death of Absalom

Whenever you read in history about a hostile government takeover, there is usually military activity, removal of the previous government and leaders and then the establishment of the new power. In this particular takeover, the Bible gives us little snap shots of what is really going on. We had been told that everyone wanted to dethrone David as king and make his son Absalom the new king. Out with the old and in with the new more appealing king. But we gather that Absalom didn’t really have everything-he is riding a mule. It is not a horse or a chariot with men surrounding him-he is riding a mule. They pass under a low hanging tree and his hair gets caught in the tree and the mule rides off leaving Absalom hanging there. That did not cause his death. This incident that Absalom is hanging by his hair from a tree is reported to Joab and he goes out with three pikes and stabs Absalom in the heart and he dies.

David is devastated. Even though his son wanted to take everything away from him, no matter how disappointed a father may be with their child they never want to hear the news that they have died. His death caused a national mourning. A parent’s love is unlimited and we know of the perfect example of unconditional love-that God the Father sent his Son Jesus Christ to come to earth and to die on the cross for the sins of the world. His resurrection three days later was the ultimate victory over death and sin. Thanks be to G

Author: Karen Epp

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