Where is the New Media?

Where Is The New Media?

And we think we live in a politically charged times…. King David did not have CNN or Fox News to help get his side of the story out. 2 Samuel 15 tells that an informant come to David and says that the country no longer wants you as king. They have decided that they want your son Absalom to be their king. David realizes this is serious and he takes his men and leaves Jerusalem. He goes first to the Mount of Olives and he weeps over what is happening. His men are also weeping. It is a difficult time.

As they continue on their escape journey they meet a man named Shimei, the son of Gera from the same family as King Saul and he comes out cursing at David and throwing stones and dirt at the king. He calls David “wicked, a murderer and that he will lose the kingdom to Absalom.” David’s men are loyal and want to take action against the man but David said No. “Why should I curse him if he curses me, maybe God told him to do this.” They continue on and the whole way the man is cursing and throwing stones at David.

Did David deserve this treatment? Did Shimei need to curse the king and hurl stones at him? David knew the situation was dire. He knew that this was a no win situation. But David remembered God was with him and he trusted God with his life. “But you O Lord are my shield, my glory, you lift up my head! When I call out to the Lord he answers me from his holy mountain.” (Psalm 3)

Author: Karen Epp

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