The Spiritual Journey

The apostle Paul knew how bad he was before encountered Jesus. He lists his background. He was a Jew born in the city of Tarsus. He was educated and very zealous for God. He felt that it was his duty to persecute even to their deaths the people who followed Jesus. Then one day on his way to Damascus he encountered Jesus for himself and his life was changed. He went from being Saul the Persecutor to the Apostle Paul who went to most of the countries in Asia Minor telling everyone about Jesus.

Jesus gave us the Great Commission: Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to everyone and whoever believes will be saved and whoever doesn’t believe will be condemned.

The mission is to proclaim the Gospel and we are all given the same mission. So many people get hung up on “the whole world” and fear that they will be called to serve in a foreign land but we forget that “our whole world” may be our individual neighborhood and our community proper like stores, doctors’ offices, the beauty shop, the cleaners, banks or restaurants. It we can’t go into our whole neighborhood how can we go into the whole world? Start the journey at your front door and just go. See who God brings into your world for you to witness for Him. Like the Apostle Paul, live the Great Commission.

Author: Karen Epp

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