It’s All About the Dash

It is All About The Dash

There is a commercial on the radio that says your life is all about the dash. The dash is between the day you were born and the day you die. We seldom know what happens during the dash of most people’s lives. The tombstone doesn’t include your accomplishments.

In 2 Samuel 5, we get a picture into the dash of King David’s life. He was the shepherd of the people of Israel. He became the military commander of Israel. He was thirty years old when he was anointed king and he reigned for 40 years. David was able to move the throne of the kingdom from Hebron to Jerusalem.

The tombstone of King David
King of Israel for 40 years
Date born – he grew steadily and more powerful for the Lord of hosts was with him – date died

What does our dash say about us? Is it about titles we may have had -king, queen, president, governor, senator, CEO, supervisor, employee, father, mother, sister or brother? Or will it say, “He/She grew spiritually with t

Author: Karen Epp

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