The Green-Eyed Monster Jealousy

We all have the green-eyed monster living in us.  It starts when we are young children and we don’t want to share our toys.  Then we grow up a bit and we want the same things that our friends have and if we don’t get them jealousy creeps in.  It can continue our whole life-we want more money, we want a nicer car, or a nicer house, or we want a better job  all because someone we know has it and we want it too. Jealousy.

King Saul had the jealousy monster.  When David returned after killing Goliath the women were in love with David and began chanting “Saul has killed his thousands but David has killed his ten thousands.”  Saul could have laughed it off and gave David his time in the limelight and then continued on as king but he couldn’t let it go.  He became so jealous that he wanted to kill David.  He tells his son Jonathan what he plans to do and Jonathan becomes the mediator between Saul and David.  He calms the situation down and on the surface it goes back to normal but the monster is still lurking in Saul.

So many times we think we have mediated a situation and solved the problem but we didn’t get rid of the root and it grows back.  It will flare up again at a later date.  Jealousy is such an insidious sin because it never just stays as jealousy.  It festers and can lead to murder, theft or a more serious sin.  Get rid of the monster.  Be thankful for what God gives to you and don’t let others influence you to the point that jealousy takes over your life.

Author: Karen Epp

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