Jesus is Coming to your town

What if you knew Jesus was coming to your town? Would you do anything to get there to see him? Would you bring a sick family member with you? Or would you just think that you had heard about this Jesus but you were not going to go because you couldn’t believe all of the hype about him.

In Mark 1, there was a leper who was not going to let anything stop him from coming to Jesus. He begs Jesus to heal him. Jesus has compassion on him and heals him. Jesus gives the man instructions to go to the priest first to verify that he was healed and to have the unclean stigma taken from him. But the man couldn’t help himself, he began to tell everyone of his healing.

We should be having daily encounters with Jesus. There can be degrees to each encounter but it should motivate us to tell everyone what God is doing for us. Like the leper we should be publicizing the works of God, but instead most people never hear about God from us or do they even know that He does anything today.

Lord, give us back that first excitement we had when we couldn’t wait to tell someone/anyone about you

Author: Karen Epp

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