Speak, Your Servant is Listening

The story of Samuel living at the Temple with Eli the high priest causes us to observe several things. His mother, Hannah had prayed for a child and God answered her prayer. She made a promise to God and kept that promise-she gave him back to God and he was put into the charge of Eli the high priest. Eli puts Samuel in the room at the Temple with the ark of God. Was there no sleeping room he could have had? The Lord calls to Samuel during the middle of the night and dutifully he runs to Eli to see what he needs. Eli hadn’t called. This happens three times and finally Eli realizes it is the Lord calling Samuel. The Bible says, “Samuel was not familiar with the Lord because he had not revealed anything to him yet.” Eli tells him that if it happens again say “speak Lord for your servant is listening.” Samuel goes back to sleep and it happens again and this time God reveals himself to Samuel. Samuel encounters God. “Samuel grew up and the Lord was with him, not permitting any
word of his to be without effect.”

Many of us don’t recognize God speaking to us. We are like Samuel was thinking it is someone else. But when nothing else makes sense, it must be the Lord and we ask Him to speak because we are listening. Did He speak with you through the Scriptures today? Did He put someone on your heart to pray for today? Do you have peace today whereas yesterday you felt like you were in turmoil? God is speaking to us, are we listening?

Author: Karen Epp

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