We Have Confidence in God

When Jesus chose Nathanael, he said “here comes a man who has no guile.” He was an honest righteous man. Jesus looked into his heart and saw a good man.

In I John, we are told to love one another. We are not to be like Cain who held evil in his heart so that he actually acted on that evil and murdered his brother. We are warned that not everyone loves. There will be people who actually hate us. We know that we have love because we are in Christ. This is the love that Christ had–that he loved us so much that he died for our sins. We should have that same type of love that if it came down to it we would be willing to die so that someone else may live. “Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and in truth.”

We know that at times that “little voice” in our head condemns us and tells us that we aren’t good enough or we don’t do enough and therefore we don’t love like Christ did. We must remember that God is greater. He knows everything. We can turn off the “little voice” in our head that condemns us because our heart does not condemn us. God is gre

Author: Karen Epp

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