A God Given Name

When parents name their children it is a very exciting process. Parents know that the name they give their children is for a lifetime. You don’t want to give them a name that causes people to laugh every time they say it. Just because the name belonged to your great uncle may not mean that it needs to live on through your child. We named our daughter after her two great-grandmothers. We wanted our son to have a strong spiritual name so we chose the name Christian. We knew their names reflected us.

When Jesus choses his disciples, he picks them carefully and when he meets Simon he immediately changes his name to Peter. He said, “you will be called Cephas which is translated Peter.”

Everyone’s name has a meaning and it gives your life worth because you reflect who you are by your name. Sometimes though God gives us a new name. He speaks into our life and gives us a name that is special to only us. It might be to call you Son or Daughter, Beloved or Chosen One. You know that if God gives you a new name it will be positive, it will not be the negative names you have called yourself or heard others call you. It is special from Him.

Simon was chosen and given a new name. We also want to be chosen by God and given a new name and identity. A new name that counts us worthy in God’s kingdom.

Author: Karen Epp

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