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God is So Good

“I am the Lord your God who grasps your right hand.” (Isaiah 41) God has our hand in his. God…

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“Joseph is the best dad a guy could ask for.” Jesus I work on the phones all day. You have…

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Guess What?

Did you know? Did you hear the news? The Lord, the eternal God, the creator of the whole world, He…

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O Holy Night

When Mary meets the angel and is told that she is chosen to be the mother of Jesus so many…

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Glory To God In The Highest

“We have seen incredible things today.” To be able to make that statement would be an ultimate description of your…

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Allahu Akbar

Last night I attended a church service where a fellow in uniform packing heat stood behind me. It was standing…

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What is the Universe Saying?

Several TV shows, (e.g. “Keven (Probably)  saves the World” and  “Shut Eye”) appeal to the universe as an entity.   …

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A Christmas Blessing

  As we enter into the Advent season, and we remember the familiar story of May and how the angel…