“Joseph is the best dad a guy could ask for.” Jesus

I work on the phones all day. You have no control over what the caller will say, do or request. At least that’s what I used to believe. In 2012, I began to ask St. Joseph for his help. It’s an amazing resource for those who need help at work. Instead of having crazy, unpredictable calls, I have calls ordained by God.

Who is this Joseph I am talking to every day?

In the Old Testament, you knew everything was cool between you and the Lord if God called you just. A just man was a happy man studying God’s word day in day out. Such was the testimony of the legal dad of Jesus, Joseph. As one pastor put it, “Joseph lived the law as the Gospel.”

Someone who is deep in Scripture knows a thing or two about discernment. Joseph knew the different between his spirit and His Spirit. Joseph lived during the time when God had given up on the Jews. As a man of Scripture, had Joseph ever thought about Isaiah 7:14 as relating to himself. The original recipient of that prophecy, AHAZ, was the exact opposite of Joseph. Instead of embracing Isaiah’s prophetic invitation, he brushed it off as a cold and calculating politician. Even though Isaiah instructs AHAZ not to fear, his faith is in the here and now. In contrast, Joseph awakens from his prophetic dream, fully armed with the awareness of a new day for the people of God. The Immanuel of Isaiah’s prophecy will soon be with us.

As children of the new covenant, the followers of Immanuel are referred to as believers. We believe in the impossible and yet the historical reality of Jesus’ virgin birth. Like Joseph, we drink from the same river of life hearing God’s voice even though God may have given up on His people. We seek to remain undefiled seeking to enter the story of salvation as we awake from our sleep.

Ask God to show you how to be holy like Joseph.

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